Staatliche Berufsschule Ostallgäu

Professional Development Course for English Language Teachers

Professional Development Course for English Language Teachers
The BELL College, Cambridge

Participants of "Berufsschule Ostallgäu": Elke Bolg, Alfred Unsin

The Eagle, The Earl of Derby, The Mitre, The Rock, Man on the Moon, Cambridge Blue, The Med, The Rumsey Wells and The Brook, these are just some of the interesting places we visited during our two-week-stay in Cambridge in autumn 2012.

The advanced training course consisted of a one-week-training session in Dillingen during the summer holidays and a two-week-training course in Cambridge which started during the autumn holidays.

The course was especially designed for English teachers from vocational schools who do not have a formal qualification in TEFL (= Teaching English as a Foreign Language). The topics and areas covered during the two-week-course in Cambridge at the BELL College were:

  • Methodology of TEFL, e.g. tips and ideas on how to develop speaking skills among students or teach mixed ability classes
  • Language development for teachers, e.g. classroom language
  • Using songs, DVD clips and authentic texts in the classroom
  • Cultural aspects, e.g. the use of idioms in colloquial speech

During our course we had the chance to stay with a British family. This meant that we learned a lot about the differences between German and British family life like habits and food, or have you ever heard of "Spotted dog", "Jugged hare" or "Bubble and Squeak"?

If not: WE recommend you to attend an English course at the BELL College in Cambridge.

BELL Cambridge is a prestigious English language school which offers a wide range of English training and development courses for new and experienced teachers.

Cambridge is a modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan city with many theatres, museums and cinemas, places of interest, cafés, restaurants and a lively night life.

At the weekend two other teachers and I attended the Premier League football match Norwich City against Stoke City. It was a good experience for us to feel the atmosphere in an old English football stadium.

Alfred Unsin (with special thanks to Stefan Ruhs, a colleague from Frankonia)